Monday, July 27, 2015

Red Mulberry, Sweet Gum, Red Maple and Purple Sage

We made it to the native plant sale and I scored a red mulberry tree!  It's about 8 feet tall.  It looks a bit scraggly, but I'm tickled to have found it.

I'll spare you the bad pictures today.  It's raining.

I also bought a  purple sage for the tree garden.

My husband found a red maple and a sweet gum he wants to train as Bonsai.

They had the native Bird Pepper bushes I was intrigue by at the Florida Native Plant Society's search tool, which was a total surprise.  But I didn't buy one for two reasons; its leaves were all curled up and it wasn't very attractive, and I had already found the Mulberry.  In hindsight, they may have been newly potted and not happy.  But either way, that plant will have to wait til next time we are plant shopping. I know where to find this plant when the budget is ready.

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