Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Elderberry, Dragon Fruit and Goji Berry

Check this out!

Goji Berries!  In the saltmarsh behind our house!  Who knew?

Hubby has been talking about tree hunting out in the "outback", as we call it, and today he finally went on a trek!  He was looking for buttonwood or other interesting looking shrubs for bonsai.  He found this goji berry (aka wolfberry). Didn't know what it was but thought it was interesting.

If there hadn't been a berry left on the bush, I doubt he would have noticed it, nor would I would have been able to identify it from this picture.

Now I have to go for a long overdue trek out in the outback to see what other edibles are at hand.

Another berry I've been interested in growing is the Elderberry.  I finally found some at a local Nursery.  I was looking for a Kaffir Lime tree but they no longer sell any citrus trees.  Not that I blame them.  It's a lost cause these days.  The Kaffir Lime is grown mainly for its aromatic leaves and I buy them occasionally at the Asian Market in the freezer section.  I love to add to iced water.  But it's still an undesirable citrus tree so a lot of Nurseries are no longer selling them.  I guess I'll forget about adding a Kaffir Lime tree to the yard!

Finding the Elderberry was exciting though.  It's not a very big tree, but for $10.99 I couldn't pass it up.  Elderberry bushes are pretty "weedy" so I'm hopeful it will fit right in with my "set it and forget it" yard!  As a bonus there are two smaller trees in the pot which I hadn't noticed until I got it home.

The nursery we went to has a display garden and the Elderberry tree had ripe fruit.  So I got to see what they look like.  I wanted to take some "samples" home, but controlled myself...

After we left the Nursery we stopped at the Asian Market and bought a dragon fruit.  I've planted some seeds in a large pot with a tree that didn't make it.  We've cut off the top of the dead tree, leaving about a 4' section of the trunk which I can train the dragons to climb.

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