Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wildflowers, Bananas and Weeds

I had a bunch of wildflower seeds so I decided to spread them around in the new Moringa/Pigeon Pea/Roselle garden area.  I'm hoping something will take!

A few weeks ago I bought a small sized papaya at the grocery store, let it get over ripe, and planted seeds around the yard, front and back.  While I was weeding, before planting the flower seeds, I came across a few sprouts that were "different", and realized they were the papaya!  Yay!

There are 4 pesky weeds/saplings I constantly battle - false poinciana, tropical almond, umbrella tree and shepherds needle.  There are a few others, but these are the ones that plague my gardens the most.

I got on a role and weeded the fruit and herb area.  Only a few herbs have survived - lemon grass, rosemary and mint.  They are clearly the winners in the SW Florida summer heat.

The bananas are coming along nicely.

My tree is still quite short so I assumed it was unhappy.

My lemon grass is taller!

Check out these puppies!  3 total.  You can only see one in this picture.

I pulled all the tomatoes and dumped all the pots lying around that were full of weeds.  I have a knack for growing weeds...

It was a good morning, for once.  Hot as blazes but worth the sweat and toil.

I have okra, ivy gourd and korean melon to plant tomorrow.

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