Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dragon Fruit, Un-Prickly Pear and Woodsy Things

My dragon fruit is starting to take off!  Yay!

It's already started climbing this big cabbage palm.

We planted a spineless prickly pear pad last summer.  It has also taken off.

We have several prickly pear trees.  We never planted them, they all crept in from the neighbor's yard. But we actually tasted this spineless prickly pear at a fruit festival last year and really liked it.  It will be great to add to salads. 

The caladiums are up in the wooded area:

The longevity spinach (left) and comfrey (right) planted in a shady area seem happy.

I need to find some nice plants for the front of my deck.  I've checked Home Depot and Lowe's but nothing grabbed my attention.  I'll probably end up planting southern peas.

Meanwhile, the hubby got an electric pole saw and has been cutting, cutting cutting. Limbs everywhere!  The chipper shredder has been getting work out!

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