Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lemon, Juicing and Fertilizing

I've been intrigued by the articles I've been reading about the benefits of squeezing half a lemon's juice into a cup of warm water first thing in the morning and drinking it up. So I've given it a try.  I love lemon so it's not a problem for me.

What I've noticed the most is that it kicks starts my digestive tract.  I need all the help I can get in that area.

My daughter-in-law bought an inexpensive juicer toward the end of her pregnancy, but never got around to using it.  She gifted it to me just before we left Texas and I used it for the first time last night.

I pulled a few carrots from the garden and took cuttings from my longevity spinach.  I had an apple, a lemon, ginger and kale in the fridge.

The apple, lemon and ginger worked fine.  The carrots too.  But the longevity spinach didn't "juice" at all.  I should have run the stems through but I didn't think of that at the time.  When the longevity spinach didn't produce juice I tried running some kale through.  Same problem.  But the stem of the kale did work better (which is when I should have thought about running the longevity spinach stems through).  Oh well.

The juicer is a cheap black and decker unit and it's fine for fruits and non leafy vegetables.  I'll juice that type of produce and then run the juice and my greens through my nutri-bullet.  No big deal.  The biggest drawback to this juicer is the ridiculously small feeder tube.

The clean up of the juicer wasn't pretty, but I had read enough about juicing to expect that.  What I did do was rinse all the parts and pour the excess water/produce bits off into a bowl, collecting every bit of the discarded parts of the fruits and vegetables.  I let this watery bowl of goodness sit on the counter overnight and then poured it into my kitchen scrap garden feeders this morning.

And speaking of the kitchen scrap feeders, I picked my first round of green beans last night and the plants nearest the large pot I've been dumping kitchen scraps into were much healthier and had much larger green beans.  It's definitely a successful experiment.  These "feeders" do take up a bit of room, but the verdict is in and they are definitely worth the space.

A friend was on a 10 day juice fast and felt much better for it.  She also recommended I watch "Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead", a documentary on Netflix streaming.  If I find that I like juicing I'll get a better machine.  Meanwhile, this inexpensive one will be good for experimenting with.

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