Monday, April 20, 2015

Chihuahuan Desert in Southwest Texas

We took a drive to the Chihuahuan Desert in Southwest Texas last week. Holy Cow! We had no idea how stunningly beautiful it would be.

We started out by simply enjoying the sights along I-10.  Definitely not something you see in Florida, or New England where we grew up!

We really had no expectations of seeing anything different from the scenes on the highway.  We had already learned that the saguaro cactus doesn't grow in Texas.

Our destination was the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center.  Once we got close to the exit off I-10 we ran into a thunderstorm.  We saw several dust devils and a tumbleweed as the storm was brewing!  The little things in life excite us!

Once it cleared, we could see there were mountains in the direction we were headed.

The angle of the sun really made these higher mountains look quite stunning.

The road just went on and on.  But we finally came to the little town of Alpine.

We bought gas at the first gas station we came to.  The receipt didn't spit out of the gas pump, so as my husband was walking to the door to ask for a receipt, the store owner came out with the receipt!  Now that was a first!  We asked if he had coffee and he said he'd make us a fresh pot!  Amazing!

After chatting with the gas station guy, we decided to make the entire loop around the mountain range which would take us back out to I-10.  I'm so glad we did!


Headed back toward I-10, and looking back toward the mountains:

Back on I-10 we found one more photo op before the sun went down.

It was a 2-1/2 hour drive once we took the exit down to make the loop through this mountain range and back onto I-10.  Worth every minute!  Who knew?

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