Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hubby's Trashy Bonsai Art

I got home from work a few days ago to find two dwarf Yaupon holly bushes in buckets.

He found these bushes in someone's trash.  He said he only picked up two because he didn't have room for all of them, and figured two would be sufficient to practice on.  But apparently he couldn't resist going back for more because he ended up going back and getting 7 in all.

He has since trimmed and potted 3 of them to practice his bonsai art.  I love the hole in the trunk of this one!

The patio is a bit of a mess with all the trimming and watering.

A work in progress.

It was quite a bit of work getting the bulk of each bush cut back.  They were all generally this size to start with.

What he didn't know was that the leaves of these plants can be used to make a caffeinated tea.  So I've read.  Not sure I'd want to do that since the scientific name is "Ilex Vomitoria".  Hmmmm.

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