Sunday, February 8, 2015

Progress on the Stick Pile!

We finally replaced our old chipper shredder!  We spent a lot of money on a new motor for the old one, but then some major part broke and to replace it would have cost almost as much as a new one.  So, we decided to wait and just get a new one.

We got 20% off the price, which paid for a 2 year warranty.  If it decides to quit on us, we'll get a new one, no questions asked.  So we're told.

So far it's working quite well.

Check out the before and after pictures of the stick pile:

Excuse the terrible pictures...I suppose that goes without saying on this blog...


We're nearly finished clearing out this space.  Very exciting!

While the hubby was playing with the chipper shredder, I vacuum/shredded up leaves:

That's about it for excitement around the yard.

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