Sunday, February 22, 2015

No Freeze and a New Patch 'O Garden

We managed to sneak by without a frost or freeze last week.  What a relief. Another cold night might be in the forecast this week.  Definitely need to keep an eye on the weather still.

I didn't pick the rest of my grapefruit or the papaya the night it was supposed to reach the freezing point.  It was risky, but thankfully it worked out okay.

I discovered a mystery plant yesterday in one of my hugelkultur beds, next to where I grew the Okra.

Typical Crappy Picture
I thought it was comfrey, but the flower is all wrong. Hmmmm.  So after a bit of thought I realized it's Eggplant! You'd think I'd learn and mark what's what out there!

I also got a bit ambitious and worked the two old grow beds.  I still need to add compost, but it's a start.  This bed will be planted entirely with green beans.

You can see the outline of the old grow beds in this before picture:

It's all smoothed out and ready for some compost.  Notice the brush pile has mostly disappeared!  Yay!  Still a few logs to cut up but for the most part it's under control finally.

That's my moringa tree on the left.  And I have a small tomatillo plant growing in the front right.  I still don't know what the plant in the middle is - it came out of a compost dump.  I apparently love a mystery!

Here's a good side view, tied in with the rest of the garden on this side of the yard.

Side View

I use the old boards from the grow beds as footpaths.  I've placed one in the middle of this garden since it's too large to reach the center from the sides.  

I got my moringa seeds yesterday so I planted 5 pots today using just top soil. I'm praying they'll germinate.  It's always risky business buying seeds from an unknown source.  But they were a really good price so I couldn't pass up the deal - 100 seeds for $6.50 which included shipping!  Woo hoo!  I'll plant more once I know these will grow.   

Glad I got to squeeze in a bit of gardening this weekend!  

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