Friday, January 2, 2015

The Woods

I was out along the back fence today looking for a largish creature that had just skittered away.  I'm hoping it isn't a monitor lizard.  We know there are some pretty large ones up at the park a mile away.  Our younger son saw "an abnormally large lizard" a few weeks ago out on the old sailboat.  But we also have Five Lined Skinks so it might have been one of those.  Praying for the latter. Monitor lizards give me the creeps.

Speaking of creeps - I went to get a roll of chicken wire out of the shed and startled a large palm rat.  I startled him, he startled me.  I backed away slowly, with my roll of chicken wire, and quietly shut the door.  

But I digress.  I wanted to show you what is just on the other side of our back fence. Here's a large prickly pear cactus:

There are lots of passion vines, mother-in-law tongue (Snake plant), and the ground is covered in Wandering Jew.  In fact, the Wandering Jew has taken over a fair amount of woods behind us:

It's a darn shame this stuff isn't edible.

And here's our adorable baby Norfolk Island Pine:

It's been hiding in the debris of the cabbage palms.  I can't decide whether to dig it up and pot it or just leave it be.  We're still amazed that our 30 year old Norfolk Island Pine made a baby!


  1. Your new baby is so cute! It reminded me that we have one growing under our dogwood plant, it's baby blue spruce. I'm probably going to try to transplant it this year, before it gets too big...

    1. Blue spruce are gorgeous! Hope it makes it! We'll probably transplant ours as well and cross our fingers!