Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kitchen Scrap Garden Feeder Pictorial

I've been asked how I made my kitchen scrap garden "feeders" so I figured I'd do a pictorial.  Hopefully my pictures explain it okay!

You'll need a plastic bottle (I used 1 liter bottles), a sharp knife, scissors, and some kitchen scraps.

I used 1 liter bottles for this experiment because they were planted in a narrow garden space along my deck.  You can use any size bottle using this same method.  You could use plant pots since the holes are already in the bottom, but I like the idea of a "cover" that has a small opening for rain water to get in but keeps critters out.  So far, no critters have bothered these.  

Take the plastic wrap off and throw out the cap.

I drew a line on the bottle so you could see how far down the neck I make the cut to take the top off, which inverted becomes the lid.

Next I make 3 or 4 holes about 1-1/2 inches from the bottom for worms to enter.

Then I invert the lid like so:

And there you have it!

Then fill'er up!

And plant in the center of some veggies or herbs!

Refill as the kitchen scraps disappear!

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