Monday, January 12, 2015

Homegrown Smoothies

I picked two more papaya today!  I'll let them ripen a few more days before I cut them up for smoothies.

Here's the second papaya tree with huge fruits just starting to ripen:

Meanwhile, I put some in the freezer a few days ago so I'm going to use that for tomorrow's smoothie along with an orange from our tree and some longevity spinach as my green.

Longevity Spinach
I did a bit of research on longevity spinach to see if it would be okay to eat the stems raw. I've eaten the leaves many times either sauteed or in salads, but not the stems.  I think "young" stems will be fine.

It's pretty satisfying being able to make smoothies with homegrown produce! Quantity is the problem.  I definitely need to work on growing more greens!!!


  1. So much is growing in your garden. Do you not get frost in your area?

    1. We rarely get a hard freeze. The last one I remember was early to mid 90's. I had just planted quite a few shrubs and coconut palms. We lost 3/4 of what I had planted. We do get frost on the windshield a few times each winter, but not enough to cause plant damage. Of course I've probably just jinxed myself!!!