Sunday, January 11, 2015

Goji Berry and Blank Spots!

I planted three pots with goji seeds a few months ago.  All three sprouted, but only one survived. When I found this goji berry bush at Home Depot for $9.99 I just couldn't resist buying it:

It even has a few flowers!  I'm not sure if it's best to keep it potted or plant it.  I'll have to see how it does in the brutal summer heat.

Hey missed a spot!

While doing my garden walk today, I noticed that all my newly planted green beans have come up, all except one section (top right) which is utterly beanless.

Ooops.  I must have planted the side and front with green beans, but didn't go back along the rear to plant the rest.  Doht.  Oh well.  Not a big deal.  I'll fill in the gap with more beans, or something else.

I also noticed some volunteers have sprouted in my compost dump.

The last time I cleaned out the big compost tumbler I used most of it in the corn garden, then just dumped the rest of it in this spot - hoping something would sprout.  It's always a great experiment!

Here's a wide view of how things are coming along.

I planted pansies and marigolds all along the front edge and plan to buy bricks to make a border like I did on the other side.

On the far left in front of the old garden box (which still has papaya, pigeon peas and longevity spinach growing in it) I planted some of the herbs I had grown from seed a few months ago:

There's lemon thyme, sweet basil, holy basil, amethyst basil, Mrs. Burns' Basil, cilantro, peppermint, sweet mint, sweet annie, chamomile and some zinnias.  I added two "kitchen scrap feeders" to this little section.

The corn is doing okay, but not great.  But it's alive so I'm still hopeful.

The stalks on the far right are pretty unhappy.  They're probably right on the edge of the sprinkler and not getting enough water.  But we have a 60% chance of rain tomorrow so I'm crossing my fingers for a good soaking rain.

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