Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Papaya and Smoothies

My papaya have finally started to ripen!

Next to it is a wonderful blueberry/moringa/banana smoothie I concocted this morning.

Hubby gifted me with a "NutriBullet" for Christmas!  It has a more powerful motor than the Magic Bullet.  I've always been hesitant to replace my aging blender with a Magic Bullet.  But this model is built to make smoothies. Apparently I don't get out much because I didn't even know this model existed.

Today's smoothie consisted of a branch of moringa, a banana, frozen Wild Maine Blueberries, yogurt, a splash of Simply Apple Juice (instead of the orange pictured above), oatmeal, and chia seeds.  Hubby's not a fan of "green" smoothies.  So he used the orange and added banana and pineapple.

I also got 10 bags of compost from "OrganicLee", produced and sold by our County, for Christmas.  I kept telling the Hubs I just wanted "dirt" for Christmas. I've wanted to try this compost rather than making my usual soil mix.  It's pretty "woody" so that was a disappointment.  Definitely more on the mulch side than a compost/soil consistency. The bags are smaller than I expected for the price.  So overall, I'm not sold on it.  I've put it all in my latest garden plot and I'll plant another round of green bean seeds in it tomorrow.  It will be a good experiment.

Also on my to do list for tomorrow will be to make trellises for the peas, which are way overdue!  They're starting to fall over:

There's lots of rabbit poop in that bed!  

And, since I have the rest of the week off, I'm going to weed out this area (again) and make the next garden.  

There's plenty of free mulch up the street to cover it.

And last but not least, here's my Christmas Cactus still looking lovely.  I thought it was a goner.

Someone needs to get busy vacuuming and mulching all those leaves!

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