Monday, December 8, 2014

Mulch and Sticks

I made a bit of progress on the back garden yesterday.  The weather was perfect. Cloudy and cool.

I managed to get two loads of free mulch using three of my big blue tubs each trip, and spread it on the newly weeded garden area:

It's always risky getting this mulch since it's hard to tell what type of seeds might be in it.

I also worked on the stick pile.  I broke the branches up into 8-12" sticks and managed to fill one of the big blue tubs, twice.  It was a lot of work, but really good therapy.  I enjoy doing it, oddly enough.

This will be an interesting experiment.  My idea is to spread the sticks out, then add heavy mulch, then soil.  Not sure if just mulch and soil will work as well for plants as the sticks, mulch and soil, but time will tell.  And, that portion of the garden should turn out a bit higher than the one behind it.  Contour is always nice.  And it will separate the two for walking around.  I have boards to put down for paths.

Still lots and lots of sticks to be broken down.  Hours and hours of "fun"!

Crappy Stick Pile Picture

Here's a wide view of that back garden area.  Still lots and lots of work to do to build the soil:

I went to Home Depot on Friday after work and was surprised to find this tree for sale:

They also had variegated cassava!  That's one smart garden center manager who is clearly keeping up with the times.

Last week, I was going to pull out one of my (two) okra plants.  One has an okra pod that I'm letting go to seed and the other was looking really poorly so I was going to yank it. But last night, I noticed this on the one I was going to yank:

I guess the temps going back into the 80's for a few weeks spurred the plant on. I'm glad I got to enjoy one more gorgeous bloom!

Looks like cool weather again for the rest of the week.  Excellent weather for breaking up sticks.

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  1. You've got a warped idea of fun! LOL ~ just teasing. And I agree . . . that is one smart garden store manager at Home Depot. I don't recall ever seeing anything like that our our local stores. Very cool.