Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Good News and Progress in the Garden

Our son came home from the VA Hospital yesterday.  It was a great relief to see him pretty much back to normal.  We are stunned at how quickly the good folks at the VA were able to get his brain functioning normally again (11 days).  Now it's up to him to do what he has to do to continue to function normally.

I'm hoping he'll be able to relax and find that "just being home" for the next 3 weeks is good therapy.  It's been a very exhausting few weeks, emotionally, mentally and physically.

On our drive home, funnily enough, he wanted to go to Checkers for a burger. So we went.  This beautiful oak tree was in the parking lot:

I was able to spend a little time in the garden on Sunday.  I created a bit more "garden space":

The corn garden is in the foreground.  The new garden space is from the far right corner of the corn garden to just beyond the rolling cart by the post.  It needs mulch and some compost and topsoil on top.  Will work on that this weekend.

I still have to break down the old square foot garden beds (I've removed the wooden sides from most of them), add compost and replant in those areas.

It will be a good sized garden once it all comes together.

Here's a view from the other end.

I planted peas and carrots (seeds) in the foreground up to the post (and newly cleared area).  Our son's dog is helping me tamp down the soil (ha ha).  The "green" section to the left of the dog is where I'll be concentrating next.  This will end up being another good sized garden.  Green beans will go there when it's done.

I've already planted squash here and there throughout the gardens.  They're all doing just fine.

It's a painfully slow process building the garden, but so long as I can do a little here and there I'm not totally discouraged.

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