Sunday, December 14, 2014

Birthday Present and Green Beans

The hubby and sons bought me the most awesome birthday present this weekend!

Our wheelbarrow has been on it's last leg for quite some time.  The wheel kept falling off.  We'd fix it and it would work for a little while, then it would fall off again.  And I'm such a clutz trying to maneuver it when it's full that it would fall over and dump its load.

This marvelous piece of work won't tip over.  Or rust.  Or get a flat tire.

I was able to put 2 bags of compost and 1 bag of topsoil in it, mixed it up, move it across the yard, and dump it where it was meant to go with no trouble at all! Brilliant!  It wasn't difficult to push or dump.  It "looks" like it would be hard to move with a heavy load, but it was no trouble at all to push.

So I added some soil along the brick border and planted me some green beans.

I'll plant a few more little garden strips of green beans over the next few weeks so we'll have a good ongoing supply of green beans.

I also converted two more soda bottles to hold kitchen scraps, making holes in the sides to let worms get in, inverted the top, cap off to let water in, added some kitchen scraps and planted them in the tomato garden:

My two tomatillo plants are doing great!  Lots of flowers:

They seem very happy so far.

Looking forward to next weekend - lots to do!


  1. That is a humdinger of a wheelbarrow ~ I like it. Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. can you tell me more about the soda bottles?

    1. Hi Sara, I made a few more today for my next planting area and did a post about how I made them. I'm happy with how they've worked so far!