Friday, November 7, 2014

Kitchen Scrap Garden Feeder Experiment

I came across a blog post a while back where a guy drilled several holes in the bottom and sides of a 5 gallon bucket, "planted" it in his garden, added kitchen scraps and surrounded it with tomato plants.

I wanted to try this in my garden but I didn't want to use a 5 gallon bucket.  That would be way too large for my small garden space along the deck.  I decided to use 1 liter bottles.

I made holes in the bottom and sides big enough for worms to get in.  Then I cut the top off the bottle so I could invert the neck into the base as a "cover".  This would allow water to get in and was removable so I could add more kitchen scraps as needed.

The 1 liter bottles don't take up too much space in the garden - basically the space of a little potted plant.

I'll "plant" two more of these tomorrow and get some mulch from up the street to complete this new garden bed of tomato plants!

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