Saturday, November 29, 2014

Life, Interrupted

Sorry for the lack of posts to my reader(s?)!

I've been dealing with a family crisis over the past few weeks.  Our older son is an Army Veteran.  He has been experiencing some pretty darn scary mental health issues.  We don't know what has triggered these symptoms, or why they have manifested 11 years after his time in Iraq, but it's been frightening and overwhelming for everyone near and dear.

It has been extremely difficult to get our heads around the situation, but he is getting the help he needs at a VA Hospital here in Florida.  They have been very kind and helpful.

As for the garden, I was able to focus some of my attention on one of my garden beds.  I "fluffed it up", added rabbit manure, then sprinkled it with diatomaceous earth (to keep flies away).  I plan to put english peas in this bed.

We had a very hard rain a few days ago and that crushed quite a few of my potted plants.  I'm hopeful some of the tomato plants by the deck will perk up. They were all completely flattened.  The (26) corn plants are doing okay.  Two of my tomatillos survived as well.

Hubby and I managed to take a mental health day yesterday.  We drove to Delray Beach to visit the Morikami Japanese Gardens.  It was just what we needed.  A beautiful, peaceful place to rest our minds.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pots of Herbs and Such

Here's what's popped up so far from my little potting spree:

 I didn't expect both seeds to germinate so that was a nice surprise!  I'll try to split them and get 6 new Roselle plants!

Goji Berry
The pot on the right has just sprouted, but it's hard to see.  There's a third pot which I hope will also sprout.  I'm very excited to have Goji berry growing!

Holy Basil and Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil
 I've never grown either of these and you certainly don't come across them at the big box stores.  So I'm hoping these will do well for me once I get them in the ground.

Sweet Basil and Lime Basil
I've never grown Lime basil either.  I've heard good things about it.

Amethyst Basil and Sweet Basil
The amethyst basil should be interesting looking.  I planted a few sweet basil pots, cause I just can't have too much of that.


I got distracted when the hubby got home from work and didn't take pics of all these square plastic pots, which are mini hugelkultur pots.  I put sticks in the bottom, then mulch, then soil.

The pot on the left - Anise Hyssop - hasn't sprouted yet.  There are a few others that haven't sprouted yet; marjoram, garlic chives and I think parsley.

All in all, I'm pleased with the progress. You just never know here in Florida, we have lots of obstacles to overcome including slugs, snails, and a million bugs to out smart!

The Corn Patch

I finally got my corn patch finished and planted.  Phew!

First I spread a nice layer of rabbit manure, then sprinkled it with diatomaceous earth (because the flies were pretty bad), next was a nice layer of compost, then top soil.

I finished just in time too, since we are getting a nice rain for the rest of the evening, into tomorrow.

I don't know if it's the best time of year for growing corn, but it really doesn't matter to me since 1.) it's old seed, who knows if it will even germinate, and 2) it can't be any worse than the last bit of corn I grew which was looking lovely, started growing ears, then promptly croaked because it got too hot.

So if this round doesn't take, I'll plant again in late January.

It's all good.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Kitchen Scrap Garden Feeder Experiment

I came across a blog post a while back where a guy drilled several holes in the bottom and sides of a 5 gallon bucket, "planted" it in his garden, added kitchen scraps and surrounded it with tomato plants.

I wanted to try this in my garden but I didn't want to use a 5 gallon bucket.  That would be way too large for my small garden space along the deck.  I decided to use 1 liter bottles.

I made holes in the bottom and sides big enough for worms to get in.  Then I cut the top off the bottle so I could invert the neck into the base as a "cover".  This would allow water to get in and was removable so I could add more kitchen scraps as needed.

The 1 liter bottles don't take up too much space in the garden - basically the space of a little potted plant.

I'll "plant" two more of these tomorrow and get some mulch from up the street to complete this new garden bed of tomato plants!