Monday, October 13, 2014

Seeds in a Jiffy (pot)!

I've been anxious to get some seeds started, but my garden isn't quite ready for direct seed planting yet.  Hubby has been after me to get tomato seeds going so I finally got around to planting the Jiffy Seed Pots on Sunday.  I've warned him they'll grow quickly and he'll need to help me finish the garden.  Sucker!

There are 72 seed pots in the tray - the bulk are tomato seeds (gap in markers):

I left the popular photography magazine on the bar - my little joke!  Ha Ha!  It's not mine, it's the hubby's.  Don't get excited.

Because I'm such a dork when it comes to knowing what's been planted, and where, I made up a spreadsheet so I can identify what's what:

Really Really Crappy Spreadsheet Pic!

I also planted up a few pots of herbs - marjoram, thyme, cilantro and sage.

I'm hoping to get another Jiffy tray tomorrow so I can start some flowers and more herbs.  If I get out of work at a decent hour.

I didn't get home from work til after dark tonight so I didn't bother to inspect the yard, or the seed tray.  Hubby says there are some sprouted seeds already.  Not surprising.  It usually only takes a few days for things to pop.

Got our vehicles sorted out (got mine back today and the truck back late Saturday night) and looking forward to the weekend!  

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  1. The spreadsheet is a great idea. Even though I blog about my garden, I also keep a journal. It's very helpful - as your spreadsheet will be.

    Looking forward to watching your progress with the seeds!