Sunday, October 26, 2014

Potting Fever

Last weekend, I bought 2 bags of compost and 2 bags of topsoil, added some peat and 6-6-6 and revamped the little area in front of the deck and planted some tomatoes.

I also potted a bunch of flowers, herbs and "other fun stuff".

The fun stuff: 3 roselle, 3 goji berry, 2 golden berry and a mulberry.  Crossing my fingers they'll all sprout.

We cut back a lot of our trees and I've been watching the sunlight over the past few weeks.  I decided today that I'll plant corn in the foreground of this area, which used to be quite shady.

crappy picture - I know

I need to pull out a bazillion sprouted saplings then I'll bring in mulch to cover it all. Then a layer of my "soil".  It will be a few weeks yet before the corn can be planted, but that's my plan.

The roselle calyxes are still coming along:

Hubby took a picture of one of the flowers in the yard and made this fun little picture:

That's about it for today.  A Chicken is roasting in the oven and it's about time to put together the fixins.


  1. Look at all that land you have to "play" with . . . . I'm jealous!

    1. I'm tickled I ended up with some sun in the old shade area after trimming back the trees!