Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fruits and Veggies Coming Along Slowly but Surely!

A few weeks ago I dug up one of my cassava plants, but no roots had grown. I dug it up too early.  I planted several sections of the stalk and have been waiting for the sprouted stalks to grow a bit more before I took pictures.

I replanted the original stalk not really expect it to regenerate, but it has!

Here's a second cutting which has sprouted from below the soil and there's also a very tiny sprout at the first joint:

Crappy picture of cassava sprouting

Here's another which I planted next to my Moringa:

The papaya fruits still aren't ripe yet.  They're still teasing me:

And my second papaya:

I'm fairly certain these are Korean Melon:

More fruits on the vine:

Korean Melon aren't flavorful like a honeydew or cantaloupe, they're more "sweetly crunchy".  They'll be great in salads.

Here's a pinecone ginger.  I took a picture of this ginger in "white" mode.  I wasn't sure if it was pinecone ginger or not.  Although now that I think about it, I'm not sure if the ginger I planted from the store makes these cones.  Something else to research!


I've read that you can make soap out of these cones, but I haven't investigated as to how.

I guess that's enough bad photography for today!

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