Thursday, October 16, 2014


I was minding my own business at the office when one of the guys from the office next door started knocking on my door, a bit frantic, and said "you need to move your car!"

The woods were on fire, right in front of my car!  Holy smokes!


There was no lightning in the area - a clear sunny day here  - so we all came to the conclusion that someone was in there doing something they shouldn't have.  We all suspect there's a homeless guy living back there.  Yikes.

We have had 3 homeless men walk into our office over the last few months - one was totally disoriented and my boss escorted him out the door and away from the building. Another came in under the premise he was looking for the bus stop. Our office building is set back from the main road and is behind a car garage so it was a bit of a stretch trying to find a bus stop at our office!  And he wouldn't stop talking - it was August and we assumed he was just trying to get out of the heat. My boss rescued me again and told him I was busy (I have a terrible flaw in that I can't be mean to people, which I know will get me into serious trouble one day), and the third one practically fell into the office, handed me a folded up piece of paper which had both me and my coworker thinking "bank robber" type note, and looked like he was high as a kite! We were terrified!  My coworker immediately went to get my boss again. Meanwhile, I read the note which said he was deaf and he was asking for money.  He left peacefully but OMG - that freaked us out!

There was a fourth one that came in but I wasn't there, thankfully.  But my poor coworker had to handle him - he was one of those "close talker" people where they get right up to you.  She kept backing up but he kept advancing.  Thankfully my boss was there too and rescued her, but not before he nearly got completely past the reception area and into the main hallway!  

My office is the reception area.  My boss asked me nicely to take that office because he likes me taking care of people, although we rarely have anyone come to the office unannounced.  And, because there are no fluorescent lights (which burn me - the freak that I am), I said sure!

With all the strange activity, we now keep my office door locked.  It's a nuisance, but it is definitely safer!

Last Friday, the UPS guy came, then the FedEx guy, and I didn't bother to lock the door since the mailman was due to show up next.  Well, wouldn't you know it, in comes another guy with foil dishes like you'd get from a restaurant to put your leftovers in, stacked 5 high.  He said he was selling some sort of cakes for $5 each.  I kindly told him I didn't have any cash, sorry, and he went on his way. My immediate thought, sadly, was why would I trust baked goods from a complete stranger? Wierd.

I'm definitely going to start moving my car to the front of the building before everyone leaves the office.  After we change the clocks back, it's dark by time I go home.  The whole thing is creeping me out.  Sigh...Something else for my worry list.

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  1. That is super creepy! Since I'm almost always the only one here at my office I ALWAYS keep the door locked. It's a sad fact, but truly is necessary.