Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Garden Update

Here's what's happening in the back yard:

The Roselle is finally producing flowers and calyxes!  Yay!

Getting a picture was very difficult.  I had to bend it down with one hand and try to make the phone camera work with the other.  I'm not very coordinated!

We tried eating the leaves last weekend and they were fantastic!  I just read today that you can dry the leaves, crumble them, and use them as seasoning for chicken and fish - a sort of lemon pepper flavor.  Interesting!  I'll give it a try!  I'm tickled the Roselle is finally doing something other than grow 8 feet tall!

Amazingly, the okra is still producing nicely.  I'm still getting a few every day or so.

I made another batch of okra, onion, garlic, fresh corn and stewed tomatoes to go over rice.  Good stuff.

I had a jicama that regrew this summer and it's now to the flowering stage.

Here's the plant itself.

I need to gently dig it up to see how the root(s) are doing.  Last year's crop was a bit gone by.  I waited too long.  The plant had pretty much died off.

The papaya are still green.  I do hope they start to ripen soon.

This next picture of my other papaya tree looks like it's getting pierced by the sun!

I amended the soil along the deck so I could plant a few tomato plants there.  It gets the most sun.

We bought two of these white fence posts that you can just plunk in the ground - you don't have to dig a post hole for them - so I don't have to get help putting them in the ground.  I plan to use them out in the new garden area (eventually) to use as a trellis for green beans.  I have field fence or chicken wire I can use to make the trellises with - I'll try chicken wire first since it's easier to work with.  It will be a good experiment.  They were under $3 a piece so it was a good inexpensive way to come up with a vertical trellis.

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