Saturday, October 11, 2014


A week ago Friday the A/C crapped out in our 2003 truck.  We dropped it off at our fix it guy's house that night and he expected to have it fixed by Saturday afternoon because he suspected it was just the belt, which hubby confirmed had broken off. The noise it had been making actually sounded like a belt was "going".  It wasn't the usual A/C screech.

So our fix it guy replaced the belt, as well as the main serpentine belt since it had to come off anyway, but while he was driving it back from his shop last Saturday the A/C did make the screech.  So he ordered the compressor and said it would come in on Monday and he'd have it back to us either Monday or Tuesday night. He called us Tuesday night to say the new compressor was defective and he'd have to order a replacement which wouldn't be in until Thursday.  Ugh.

We still don't have the truck back but we are praying it gets finished today, because...

Last night, I went to leave work at 6:00 PM to go pick hubby up at his work and guess what?  My (2010) car wouldn't start!  Oh No!!!!  Two dead vehicles!

My co-worker was still at the office so she drove me home and our son picked up the hubby.  About an hour later, our son dropped hubby and I off at my friends house down the street from my office and we borrowed her car to sort out my car, hoping it was just the battery.  Nope.  Battery is fine.  It would turn over but just not start.  We called AAA just to be sure and he agreed with the hubs - it was a starter problem.


So both cars are defunct.  Yikes. 

Conveniently, I work behind a car repair place so we just pushed it across the parking lot and left my key and a note in the key drop.  The mechanic called me this morning to say it was definitely the starter.  They can't get the part until Monday.  Double Ugh.

We really need to get the truck back, TODAY!  Please oh please!

Meanwhile, I still have my friend's car so that's a relief.  Otherwise we'd be stranded and would need to rent a car.  Still might bite the bullet and rent a car today if Mr fix it doesn't get the truck back to us today.

I'm not stressed or anything...

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