Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Gardening (and Other) Adventures

We had lots and lots of rain last week and the forecast shows another wet week ahead. Yay!!  I love when it rains.

I've taken cuttings from my longevity spinach to start new plants.  The main plant has gotten quite leggy over the summer.  My bad for not trimming and eating it regularly.

I took stock of the herbs that survived the summer so far - Rosemary, Green Onion, Lemon Grass, Bee Balm, and a wee bit of Lemon Balm and Mint.  I was surprised the Bee Balm did so well.

And now for some bad photography...

Okra in Flower

Korean Melon (I think!)
Whatever it is, it's quite happy.  It's a jungle of weeds back there so it's going to be "fun" making sure I don't accidentally injure it when I weed out that area.

The New Moringa

The Papaya's are doing fantastic!

In this next picture you can see that it's still got lots of fruit to offer - there's another flower at the top.

I really love that the papaya ripen one at a time.  It would be difficult to eat papaya if they matured all at once.  I'm going to plant a few seeds from the first mature fruit and pinch the tops off at about 4 feet to see if they'll branch out (staying within reaching distance) and still produce fruit okay. The two mature trees I have are going to be skyscrapers soon.  Luckily our pole picker will reach them. For now.

The two new pigeon pea plants are doing great.  They're only a few inches shorter than the avocado I grew from seed last year:

They'll easily overtake the avocado, but I'm hoping the root system of the pigeon peas will help feed the avocado.  In the foreground are the Fig and Moringa. Background is the trunk of the Papaya, with two smaller papaya trees behind the monster tree. They aren't growing very fast, too much shade for them I think.  I'll just let them do their thing.  Oh, ignore the pots - I was putting rabbit manure in them to fertilize and forgot to move them out of the way.

For the first time ever, I bought "Jiffy" seed pots!

I've always direct seeded into the garden.  For some reason, using these jiffy pots seems like "cheating", which is silly since I'm still planting seeds.  Hubby actually picked this up and said, you need to do this and start them NOW!  Since my new garden isn't quite ready it seems like a good idea.  It's usually November before I get around to starting seeds outside.  It will be an interesting experiment!

I FINALLY planted the Persian shield plant yesterday.  Figures, it didn't rain. Hopefully we'll get a bit more rain today.

We've been sprouting mung beans again.  I've been using the rinse water in the garden. I'm going to try growing some microgreens again this week too.  I'll use all peat moss this time for "soil".  I tried microgreens before using a new bag of miracle grow potting soil, assuming it would be sterile.  Nope. It was a mess within days.

I found some really nice strawberries at Fresh Market so I bought some vanilla yogurt and made up "to go" 1/2 pint jars of yogurt and strawberries.

I started two more pints of kefir last night and if they turn out okay, I'll be adding strawberries and vanilla to this batch.

It was a busy weekend, but what I really wanted to do, and didn't, was get more mulch. Oh well.  Maybe sometime this week.  I might investigate having a load of mulch delivered.  It would be much handier.

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