Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weeding, Farmers Market and Pickled Okra

Tuesday was a busy day!  I started the morning off with a half hour weeding session.  It felt great to make some progress.

I skipped out of work early so we could go to a local indoor Farmer's Market that's been getting great reviews.  It's only open on Tuesdays, 4 to 8 (I think). I was impressed - lots of good produce.  We bought some nice beefsteak tomatoes, a seedless watermelon, two dragon fruit, a large container of grape tomatoes, some nice pickling cucumbers, ginger, romaine, pea pods, and okra.

When we got home I made two 1/2 pints of pickled okra.  I came across this recipe Monday night so it was fresh in my mind when I spotted the okra:

The recipe looked simple, and it was.  I tried them tonight and they were perfectly edible.

I made a salad for dinner last night and also made up three "salad jars" for lunch this week. Pint jar, dressing on bottom, grape tomatoes, sprouts, pea pods, cucumber and lettuce on top.

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