Sunday, September 7, 2014

Quail Eggs, Kefir and Salsa Verde

For breakfast, we ate quail eggs for the first time.  Cracking them was a bit of a problem, but I managed to only wreck 2.  There's a tool you can buy, looks like a cigar cutter, and if we do get some quail we'll invest in one of these.  The eggs are a bit pricey considering you need to use 3 or 4 to make an egg sandwich.  But once we start raising them, I'll be very happy to eat them regularly.

I called a local feed store that stocks chicks of all different sorts but the one thing they don't stock is quail.  Bummer.  I went on Craigslist and found a woman nearby who said she'd put me on her list to call when she has some quail chicks. Not sure how long that will be but at least it's a start.  Our other option is to buy hatching eggs on-line.  Not sure about that idea.

My next project was to make up my first batch of kefir.  I got the kefir grains on Friday. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for it to do its thing.  I started with organic whole milk.  It takes about 24 hours (+/-) to get to a buttermilk type consistency, which is when I'll strain it and put it in the fridge. Looking forward to some overnight oatmeal!

I also started some mung bean and lentil sprouts.  It's been a long time since I've sprouted!

And my list bit of healthiness was to make salsa verde.  YUM!  Boy that's good stuff. I'm going back to Publix for more tomatillos!

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