Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Last weekend I trimmed back my Moringa tree and hung up a bundle of leaves to dry.  I stripped the dried leaves from the stems tonight and put them in a canning jar.

I've given half to a friend.

I always leave my dried moringa in leaf form, I don't like to pulverize it.  Since I mostly use in tea and smoothies, it works best for me.

I've had my Moringa tree for a few years now but I ignored it and let it get too tall.  I'll have to pay better attention to the new tree that I've just started and pinch it off at 3 to 4 feet.


  1. My itty bitty moringa tree is struggling . . . turning yellow and dropping all its leaves. Sure hope I can pick up some more this coming weekend at the Farmer's Market. Were yours easy to grow from seed?

  2. Hi Eli - yes, mine were very easy to grow from seed so long as they were well watered or planted in the summer rainy season. They need to get to about 18" tall to be "hardy" it seems. Mine looks like it's going through a slow death every winter but bounces back when the heat, humidity and rains start. I've never grown one in a pot so I'm not sure if that's the problem with yours. Don't give up on it yet! It might just be shell shocked or something!!