Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Flower Seeds

A few weeks ago I had removed most of the plants in front of the deck, and about a 2 foot section in the front part of the south section of the garden.  Then I put down some heavy mulch.  Over the weekend, I raked up all the mulch, nearly killing an adorable ringneck snake (oh no!), and tossed everything in the other garden area that I'm reworking/expanding, then planted some flower and herb seeds where I had raked.  Not sure how they'll do, it's still blazingly hot out. We did get some good rain the last two afternoons so that should help get them started.

I planted another Moringa tree seed and hope it will germinate in the ground.

I also moved two of my Ivy gourd plants into the sun.  They weren't doing well because they're only getting sun in the morning, then shade the rest of the day. According Grower Jim's blog post here they do best in full sun.  I also planted another few seeds for good measure!

I've put down quite a bit of mulch on the front portion of the new garden area. Looking forward to getting another load of free mulch soon from up the street. The fun part will be removing more grass!  Not much longer now before the weather breaks!

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