Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cassava, Moringa and Okra

The Moringa seed I planted has come up nicely - we've been getting (mostly) daily rains since I planted it so it got an excellent start.  I cut the two year old Moringa tree back today leaving only one large (albeit leggy) branch.  It's still wet enough in the season that new shoots should emerge where I cut the other branches. Hopefully.  I plunked a few tops in pots to see if they'd root.

I saved a handful of leaves and they're drying in the kitchen.  Once they're dry I'll crumble the leaves and put them in jars to add to smoothies or tea.

My two okra plants are still growing strong.  As I was weeding near the sunchokes, I noticed two more okra are still struggling along.

I pulled up one of my two cassava plants (the one that ended up in the shade) and there wasn't a root to be found. Nada. Zip.  I was a bit disappointed.  I probably pulled it too early - it's only a year old. So I'll leave the other one for several more months.  I've been searching the interwebs to see if I should have pinched the tops off at some point to get them to branch out.  I'm perplexed because all the images of cassava plants seem to be a huge bush.  Both of mine are just one very tall shoot.  Hmmmm.

It was definitely a disappointment about the cassava, but I cut the stalk into several segments and will try regrowing more plants.  The very top section I kept about 16" long, trimmed all but the very top leaves, and placed it in water.  I'll plant it in a few days. I thought I'd give it a drink until the shock wears off.

And speaking of papaya, my fruits are still growing bigger every day.

I did some spot weeding, fertilizing, and some pruning of my Jaboticaba tree and rose bushes.  I also planted a few more green onion roots and ginger.

It was a productive day for once!


  1. I bought my first tiny, little Moringa tree at the Farmer's Market this past weekend. Have you tried eating the leaves yet? I heard they were great in salads and scrambled eggs. ???

  2. Hi Eli - I've eaten the fresh leaves in salads, eggs, lasagna, and smoothies that I can think of right now, and fresh and dried in tea and smoothies. I'll post a picture of my latest jar of dried moringa. I leave it in dried leaf form. I don't grind it into powder. It just tastes "green" to me!

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