Monday, September 29, 2014

Bonsai and Creeping Cucumber!

Check out these creeping cucumbers!

They are in a small sushi condiment dish.  They're adorable!

Hubby is getting ready to make one of our bougainvillea trees into a bonsai tree so he was weeding around it getting ready to dig it out.  There were quite a few creeping cucumber fruits on the bush.  We discovered them last year and have been enjoying them ever since. This was quite a crop he picked today!

The green ones are perfectly edible.  When they turn blue/black, don't eat them! They'll cause trouble with your digestive tract!

Here are two Bonsai tree's he's been working on - both junipers:

For scale, the plants are on a 12" tile.

These are the two plants we bought on Saturday that he'll will be working on next:

The one on the left is a Brazilian Raintree and the one on the right is a Fukien Tea Tree.

We have quite a few trees in the yard he can dig up and use for Bonsai.  It'll keep him busy!


  1. Oh my son loves to bonsai - I think he has maybe a dozen he's been working on for years. Most of these he dug up from my Mom's garden . . . she used to keep a sharp eye on him any time she saw a shovel in his hand. :-)

    Your husband's are beautiful!