Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sugar, Ritz, Rice Krispies, Milk, Canned Soup, Velveeta

Rant on -

These are just a few of the grocery store items that are either downsized packaging, but not the price, or I don't bother buying anymore because they're just terrible quality - not the same.

Sugar - I went to Publix yesterday and they no longer sell a 5 pound bag of sugar!  Only 4 or 10.  WTH?  I couldn't believe it!  I bought a 10 pound bag instead of the 4 pounder.  I don't really use a lot of sugar - we don't even put it in our coffee anymore, but I like to be sure I have some on hand for baking when the mood strikes.

Ritz crackers are not the same as they used to be.  Their packages have gotten smaller but of course not the price.  They are pale and no longer "buttery".  My boss still buys them because he likes peanut butter on Ritz as a snack.  I eat them occasionally but I grumble every time I do.  I just used the last of the ridiculously small tubes as the topping for Tuna(less) Wiggle (tuna casserole).  I'm going to have to try the Keebler brand to see if they're any better.

So how do you make Tuna Wiggle?  You tickle it under the chin!  Nyuk Nyuk.

I've been making Tuna casserole for years, but in 2009 when my brain left me for about a year (scary times indeed) I forgot to put the tuna in it.  After a good laugh, we all realized we liked it better without it, so since then it's been dubbed tunaless wiggle. Good thing too, since tuna is scary and we don't buy that anymore either!

Which brings me to Velveeta.  The last two packages have not been "right".  They are the wrong texture and density.  Almost stringy.  I don't use it often, so it was an eye opener last night when I made the wiggle.

I use velveeta in only two recipes - tunaless wiggle and spicy pasta.  The last spicy pasta I made (about a month ago) was when I discovered the wierdness of the velveeta.  I thought it was just that particular package.  Apparently not.  Sigh. Another product to add to my list of don't buy ever again...

Rice Krispies - What are these even made out of?  Cardboard?  I made rice krispie squares and YUCK!

And milk?  OMG!  I'm afraid to even buy the stuff!  We do buy half and half for coffee - I figure it's safer than the "creamers" they sell which don't even have any milk or cream in them, just loads of chemicals, so if I need milk in a recipe I just use 50/50 water and half and half.

Canned soups - I used to love Campbell's chicken noodle, chicken and rice, chicken and stars, tomato, minestrone, lentil and vegetable soups.  I'd bring them to work for days I'd be running late and didn't pack a lunch.  But now?  OMG!  I can't even believe how terrible they are.  I don't bother buying them.  I do buy the occasional cream of ... soups, but those aren't right anymore either.

When you can POUR tomato soup out of the can (when you used to have to get a spoon to get it out), you know there's something wrong.  I used to eat tomato soup when I was sick.  It was always my go to soup.  Nope.  Not anymore.  And the Progresso soups or others that you don't add water to?  HOLY YUCK!

I have been making my own soups and canning them.  Once the weather cools a bit, I'll be gearing up to can some more soups, chili, Sausage/Peppers/Onions and baked beans.

Got any "I won't buy that anymore - yuck" stories?

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