Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some Gardening and Coffee Roasting Today

I finally planted my 2nd knockout rose and the two pots of Gaillardia.  I also added the 25 bricks I had bought probably a month ago!  Phew!  There's a big root that needs to be chopped out before I "finish" the project, but I was so happy to get those bricks set!

It was soooo hot today - ugh.  But I did as much as I could - weeding as I went.

I turned the sprinkler on for about an hour before I went out so things would cool down a bit, then set the sprinkler to go just to the right of where I was working, so I got a bit of spray now and then.  It worked like a charm.

I realized after I had finished the gardening and cleaned up for the day that I forgot to plant the Persian shield plant!  Duh.  It's been tucked under the birding area with the caldiums and gingers/turmeric.

I dug up all the caladiums that were along the deck and will be planting them under the bird area, so I'll plant the Persian shield along with them, hopefully this week.

I roasted my second batch of coffee today - two different types - Mocha Java and Sumatra Mandheling.  I'll try each on their own, then mix the two as a third sampling.  It will be a good experiment.

I bought the Sumatra Mandheling after reading the description - it sounded similar to the blend I loved so much.  But when I roasted it, I didn't like it AT ALL.  It tasted terrible.  I found out last week that this particular bean needs to be roasted through 2nd crack to bring out the chocolate flavor.  So that's what I did today.  I also learned to roast the coffee, then blend the roasted beans, not blend and roast.

We still have two more kinds of beans to experiment with - Papua New Guinea and the "House Blend II".

We ended the day at our favorite local Mexican restaurant to celebrate hubby's birthday and our 34th wedding anniversary.

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