Saturday, August 16, 2014

Planting a Fig Tree and Feeding Skeeters

My plan this morning was to put the contents of my compost tumbler onto this nifty sifter my son made for fossiling in the Peace River.

When our son moved to Seattle last February (sniff), he left two of these in our garage.  I figured I might as well make use of one of them and it worked great.

This little shovel and my big blue bucket are my best buddies in the garden.  I use them for everything.  The shovel is perfect to scoop out the compost from the tumbler, or to get the bunny poo out of the sacks they came in.  It's lightweight so it doesn't tire me out so fast. I drag these lightweight buckets around when weeding.  LOVE THEM!

Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were vicious today.  Unstoppable.  I used everything in this pot,

starting with the store bought "No-See-um" all natural spray, which worked like a charm when I've used it before, several times!  Then I added my clove/oil spray when the No-See-um stuff didn't work, and when THAT combination didn't work, I added the Repel with Deet stuff.  It was a bit more tolerable after that but still got attacked wherever I hadn't sprayed my clothes, particularly my back. Very unpleasant.

I managed to plant my fig tree, using the compost and bunny poo (which had worms in it so it must be a happy place!) but then gave up on doing anything else.


I'll try again tomorrow.  I'll just have to use the stuff that works.

Cause sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.  And I have soooo much I gotta do!

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