Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fresh Roasted Green Coffee Beans

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a website that sells green coffee beans "to roast at home".  After a bit of research, I was surprised to learn you can use a hot air popcorn popper to roast coffee!  Who knew?

There's excellent information, including videos, at where we learned how to roast coffee, and about the stages of roast.  We bought our first sampler pack from Sweet Marias - four different 1-pound bags of espresso blends. Two were blech, but the other two were AMAZING! We were hooked!

We immediately ordered 5 lbs of the one I liked and 10 lbs of the one hubby liked.  He uses twice as much ground coffee per cup as I do.  All was well until I went to reorder our coffee and those blends were no longer available!

OH NO!!!!       

Anyway, long story short, we learned that you can't rely on a particular coffee bean, or "Espresso blend", to be available next time you need to order coffee.

Our last order of green coffee beans came from a company out of Tampa,  We figured since they were practically local, we'd give them a try.  Unfortunately, we weren't in love with the coffee we selected, so we went back to our old standby, roasted coffee beans at Fresh Market.

When we put the kitchen back together I found the box of green coffee beans and I told myself that rather than buy coffee again, I'd give the green coffee beans another try.  

Today, I roasted "Mocha Java".

Green - Mocha-Java
A blend of the two original coffees from the Red Sea area and the Dutch East Indies. Rich and full bodied with spicy overtones. Has a pleasant and lingering finish. 

Here's a pictorial of how I roasted the beans:

The Hot Air Popper and Green Coffee Beans

Colander or Large Bowl to Catch the Chaff

I add a paper towel to help "catch" the chaff.  It does blow all over the place.

Fine Strainer to pour the roasted beans into for cooling
We roast just shy of 1/2 cup of beans.  A full 1/2 cup is just a bit too much for the hot air popper and it will take a long time.

It's best to roast coffee beans outside.  But we have done it in the house plenty of times using our microwave fan/vent which goes outside the house.   Roasting beans doesn't smell like "freshly roasted coffee".  It's an earthy, burning sort of smell.  I kind of like it. But I'm weird.

Beans are Roasting, Chaff is blowing out

After about 5 minutes, you'll clearly hear the "first crack".  

In this next picture, the chaff is getting darker and the first bean has "popped out". I use this as my sign that it's nearly done.  

Close to Second Crack - see the dark bean?

I try not to get to the Second Crack stage, so once the beans start to spew out, I let it go another 20 seconds or so then stop the popper.   Potholders are important to have handy - I forgot and had to run in the house to grab mine!  Gaaah!

Steaming Hot Finished Roasted Coffee

At this point, you would think it would smell like coffee.  But it doesn't!  I shake it around and make sure it's not screaming hot before I pour it into a half pint jar.  I use a canning jar funnel so the beans don't go all over the place.

Freshly Roasted Mocha Java Coffee

Here are the roasted beans.  I keep the lid askew for a few hours to off-gas the beans, then magically, in a few hours, it smells like coffee heaven.  

Easy peasy!  Once you get the hang of it!  


  1. Oh - this post makes me want a cup of coffee! :-) And here I thought we were doing good on the rare occasion where we ground our store bought beans. LOL

  2. I buy Torani caramel sauce (not syrup) to put in my morning coffee - it's my dirty little secret! I was buying Starbucks Caramel flavored coffee and would STILL put the caramel sauce in it! Oh, and I use brown sugar, not white sugar. I have a bit of a sweet tooth!! The coffee is secondary to be honest.

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