Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fig, Rose and Persian Shield

I had an appointment 2 minutes away from a Lowe's I don't visit often, so I ran in to the garden area to see what was on the markdown rack.  I was overjoyed to find another "Knock Out" rose - a double pink this time.  Since the first one I planted is doing so well I bought the double pink, which is the color I was hoping for the first time.

As I was leaving the markdown rack, I spotted a Magnolia fig tucked in between some other plants so I snagged that too.  It was only $3!

I also bought a Persian Shield plant.  I know it's a useless non eater, like the roses, but I really love the color of these plants.  It will go in the bird area along with the caladiums.

I still haven't planted the worms tumeric roots I bought a few weeks ago, or the two $1 pots of Gaillardia, but I'm hoping I'll find some time to do that this weekend.  I have a yard long list of things to do in the house to get ready for the installation of the flooring next weekend - mainly packing up the dining room hutch and emptying a big bookcase in the living room.

I spared everyone's eyes by not taking crappy pictures of the new plants!  You're welcome!

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