Sunday, August 31, 2014

Expired Gardening and Granola

I've been working on cleaning out my pantry and found half a dozen cans of fruit that expired in 2012.  I also found a can of green beans and a can of carrots that also expired in 2012.

Four of the cans of fruit (all peaches) were "pop top" lids, and the bottoms looked swollen.  Not good!

I opened them all up, put them in a colander, rinsed well, and then dug holes here and there in the garden and fed them to the plants.  Figured it would be a good use for them.

I finally remembered to buy mini chocolate chips so I can make peanut butter energy bites.  I also made up a pint jar of my favorite granola.  This is what I use:

It's just a nice simple granola that I found and I add sliced almonds and mini chocolate chips.  Simple, but satisfying when I need a snack.  Today I couldn't find any sliced almonds in the fridge or freezer so I used walnuts which I think I like even better!

I've tried making my own granola several times, but it is never quite right.  So I gave up and now I buy this.  

Break over.  Back to work!

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