Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Non Gardening Weekend

A few of hubby's co-workers came over on Saturday to install the laminate wood floor in the kitchen.  It was so kind of them to take time out from their weekend plans to give us a hand.  We really appreciated the help.

The floor was very inexpensive (why bother for a kitchen floor that will be abused and might get water damaged), but it looks so much better than the first one we put in.  The only problem is, it's a bit more "red" than we expected it to be.  

Oh well.  It's done, and we'll get over it.

The kickplates still need to be installed, but other than that, it's back to normal.

A few of the guys are "natty", "neat freaks", "fussy" or whatever you want to call those folks that live in model homes and never have clutter or frogs on their patio - which means lots of frog poop where they congregate at the light in the corner of the sliding glass doors.  They probably have SCREENS on their patio!

Our screens went by the wayside years ago when the raccoons decided to tear them to shreds.  The palm rats had already ruined the top part near our shed.  So we gave in to the critters and just removed them.

So we spent the week prior to the install feverishly tidying up the patio, and the "back" patio which is what we call the patio beyond the patio, and then there's the deck.

The back patio:

Like the ladder?  For some reason, hubby likes to go up on the flat roof now and then so he leaves the ladder there - as good a storage place as any I guess.

So that's what I've been up to rather than gardening.  I haven't had the energy for even a good 5 minute speed gardening session!  Geesh.

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