Monday, July 14, 2014

The Plumber is Here! The Plumber is Here!

The plumber is starting to wrap things up.

What a beautiful sight:

There is soooo much dust in there - I have quite a cleaning job ahead of me.

We installed the drawer hardware last night and put the dishwasher and range back in place, so I can simply slide the drawers back in.  We'll reinstall the doors tonight.

I am so thankful that my kitchen will be back in operation shortly!!!


  1. You sure can't wait to use that sink! And the first task you'd use it for would probably be cleaning off the dust near it. Quite fitting, right? You seem to have quite more stuff to do, so all I have to say is to take care with this latter stages of your renovation around the house. Cheers!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing

    1. Yep! Tons of cleaning for sure. Since I had to empty all the cabinets out to get at the dust I've been doing a bit of weeding out!

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  3. I can honestly tell by your post how excited you were, Sheila! Hahaha! How's the kitchen? I hope you haven't been abusing it too much since its renovation. Glad to know the plumber was helpful, and it does seem like he did an amazing job with your kitchen. :)

    Evon Brow @ Athens Plumbing