Friday, July 18, 2014

The Nerve(s) of my Hubby and Dragon Fruit

I think I should change the name of my blog to Sheila's Little Drama's, or Sheila's Little Worries, or Sheila has fallen (asleep) and can't get up...

On Wednesday we went back to University of Miami Hospital for hubby's autonomic nerve testing.  We learned a few more things about hubby's weird symptoms and we have a few more pieces to the puzzle.  The testing determined he has autonomic neuropathy and sensory neuropathy.

The doc confirmed that the autonomic neuropathy is affecting his heart and sweat glands.  It's quite possible his lungs are also affected but he wasn't able to verify that.

The nerves in his left arm are completely "cut off" which also seemed to cause some alarm.

The sensory neuropathy is affecting both feet, both hands and both elbows.  He's been advised to be careful when barefoot since he's not feeling pain in his feet. And he also cautioned about crossing his legs or placing his elbow on, say, an arm rest.  He's at high risk for "foot drop" and some sort of palsy in his hands.

The cause of the nerve damage could be from long term use (20 + years) of cholesterol lowering drugs (statins).  The next step will be to see an endocrinologist and test his blood to see what specific fat(s) is/are causing the high cholesterol so they can better target the cause and eliminate the "broad spectrum" statins.

Although it's not good news, we are relieved to be finally getting some answers.

Yesterday, whilst walking around the back yard, I made a discovery...

My neighbor has DRAGON FRUIT!

I was so excited when I spied these lovelies!  The funny thing is, I got the dragon fruit start from Susan at and realized that's what was growing on the big poinciana tree next door.  I'd never really paid much attention to it.  But my bit of research showed that they flower at night, for one night, and you need to pay attention or you'll miss it because you'll only see the droopy spent flower the next day.  Then the fruit will form over the next several weeks. Well, I've been paying attention the last several weeks since the season for the fruit is NOW. And boy am I tickled pink (pun intended)!!

There were two ripe fruits so hubby asked the neighbor if she knew she had Dragon Fruit and as we suspected, she didn't have any idea what he was talking about.  Drats!  He could have snatched them both and she wouldn't have had a clue! But as usual he did the right thing and asked her.  So he got both of them down, left one on her front porch (she was leaving as he was getting home) and we ate half of ours tonight and we'll eat the other half tomorrow.  There are at least half a dozen more fruits growing, in the green stage. Very exciting!

I LOVE this fruit!  Can't get enough of it!

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