Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Progress on the Kitchen!

We got the leaky drain pipe fixed yesterday.  It was a two step process.  The plumber came first thing to cap the pipes so we could remove the countertop (with sink still attached), dishwasher, and remaining damaged cabinets.  Then the plumber came back later in the day to replace the broken pipe.  It was the original 1965 copper drain pipe.

Yuck.  The pipe was worn paper thin.

A friend came to help hubby lift off the long countertop/sink.  As we had hoped, by keeping the sink attached to the countertop it all came out smoothly and didn't break that small section in front of the sink.  That was a major relief!

Today's job is to fill the holes in the wall, both inside and outside, and clean up the floor where the cabinets and appliances came out.

As for the cabinets, there are a few problems.

The Claims Manager called back yesterday to say it would be next week before they made their final assessment.  WTH?

The second is that once we order the new cabinets it will take up to 5 weeks to be delivered!  It's just not possible to be without a working kitchen until then.

The third problem is that the sink base cabinet was totally destroyed between the wet and needing to remove the back to get at the wall to find the leak.  So we can't put the countertop/sink back on until we build a new cabinet box to fill in that gap.

Our original idea was to just put the yucky cabinets back in now that they've been completely dried out and use them until we can order the new cabinets.  But with that sink base destroyed that's no longer gonna fly.

So we're going to Plan B.  Hubby was able to remove the cherry wood facing from the sink base without any trouble.  He'll be building a new sink base today and will reinstall the cherry facing and doors.  If it all goes well, and is acceptable to our eye, we'll go ahead and do the other two and call it a day the plumber!


  1. I cringe reading this . . . as my own home has some very old pipes. This not only sounds like a lot of work (and not the fun kind like gardening), it also sounds expensive.

    I hope, if nothing else, that your insurance will help lessen the pain.

    May you have a disaster free week.


  2. The dehumidifier is the worst thing about the whole mess! It's loud and is pumping out so much hot air that I'm worried my A/C unit is going to die since it's been running non stop for over a week now. Double cringing!!!!

  3. Sounds like the kitchen renovation is going quite well. Glad to know you're going over the issues one by one, and that the leaky drain pipe has finally been replaced. Anyway, I hope the kitchen turns out exactly how you dreamed. The new cabinets can't possibly come in any quicker. I hope that, by the time it arrives, the kitchen will be up and running. Good luck, I wish you all the best! :)

    Wilson Horton @ Capital Care Plumbing