Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kitchen Update

We've made good progress on the kitchen cabinets.  Hubby works today and Thursday but he's off Fri/Sat/Sun so our plan is to take the weekend and have everything ready for the plumber to come back on Monday.

We have one more box to build (the corner which is dead space) and we need to drill the holes for the power/water lines.  We'll find someone to help us put the countertop back on and get that screwed down.  We should be ready for the plumber to come back on Monday.  

We also need to add kickplates and install the doors and drawer hardware in the cabinet to the right of the dishwashwer.  The new floor will be installed by hubby's coworkers in a few weeks.

Hubby has unexplained low oxygen levels which causes severe fatigue and dizziness.  It's definitely been a challenge for him to work on this project.  Here's where his oxygen level seems to be stuck at most of the time:

It will go down to 87 and up to about 93, but generally when he checks it, 90 seems to be the magic number.  Not easy to live with.


  1. Oh my . . . My Mom had COPD so I know how the low levels can effect their strength and energy. Having unexplained low levels is kind of scary. I hope everything turns out OK (including your kitchen). :-)

  2. The kitchen is on the mend and we go back to Miami University Hospital on Wednesday for the "autonomic testing". Strangely, the lung doc says hubby doesn't have COPD, Emphysema or asthma! How that can be with the low oxygen level is certainly a mystery.