Friday, July 4, 2014

Kitchen Cabinets, Clove Mosquito Spray and a Bit of Gardening

Hubby had a bit of vacation time available so he was able to take a few days off to start building the three base cabinets we need in order to get the countertop/sink back on.   

Here are the two that have been built so far:

I know.  Bad picture.  Wierd angle.  Blah blah.

Hubby is working his 12 hour day today so we'll be building the third one tomorrow.  Now that the darn dehumidifier is out of the kitchen and it's not 90 degrees in there, I'll be able to help with this one.

We need to go back to Home Depot to get more wood for this last cabinet. I could go do that today while he's working but I'm not sure the measurements we came up with last night are correct. We should remeasure, just to be sure. Our wonderful Home Depot cuts whatever you need with no charge!  How awesome is that?

If we don't get the last cabinet finished tomorrow, that's fine with me.  I'd rather we took our time and did it right.  The difference in cost to build the bases ourselves is worth it.  $1350 vs. $200 for the replacement cabinets is a no brainer!

It felt great to get back out in the yard for a bit this morning.  I used the regular deet type mosquito spray on my arms and back of neck, and I sprayed the clove/alcohol/mineral oil spray I made a few weeks ago on my legs.  I doubt I sprayed my ankles, and that's the only place I saw mosquitoes on my legs.

In the half hour or so I was out back I planted my "knockout" rose (finally!), a pot of lantana, 3 shoots of simpson stopper that grew in the pot with my lime tree, and 3 blue sage plants.

I bought 20 more bricks for the border project the weekend before "the disaster".
I hope to get back out later today to set those bricks.  I'll also retest the clove spray again, making sure I spray my ankles! I'm guardedly optimistic it's going to work. I do need a better spray bottle though...note to self.

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