Monday, July 28, 2014

Is Summer Over Yet?

I had another non-gardening weekend. Not even a wee bit of speed gardening. Harumph.

We celebrated my older brother's 60th birthday this weekend on the east coast of Florida with my two older sisters (who live just south of Melbourne), my Father (who flew down from NH) and of course the birthday boy and his wife (also from NH). My two younger siblings missed out on the sweltering heat party.

I always dread going over to visit the family, particularly in the summer, because the sister who threw the party (and where we stayed the night) sits on her back patio all day and all night, no matter the temperature.

Hubby and I aren't fans of sitting in 95 degree heat and humidity.  The winter isn't as bad. We bring blankets.

When we arrived late Saturday afternoon a thunderstorm followed us in so we were blessed with cool temps for the evening.  But yesterday was a different story.

The birthday boy wanted to have lunch on the water, so older sister's idea of "on the water" was to sit on the deck at a restaurant on the water, not a "window view".  And so we sat on a deck in the sweltering heat. For two hours.  I was mostly in the shade, but when it's 95 degrees and the sun is still glaring at you through the trees and off the water, it still sucks.  Everyone complained, so I didn't feel like the spoil sport.

After we ate and had gone inside the restaurant and were standing around waiting for those who were using the bathroom, my brother says to me "a window seat in here would have been nice"!  I could have wrung his neck!  But he's like me and doesn't like to make waves with older sister and her plans!  So we had a laugh, said our goodbyes and hubby and I headed home.

Needless to say, the heat sucked the life out of the hubby and I.  It was a struggle to drive the 4 hours back home but we made it safe and sound with just enough daylight left to mow the lawn.


  1. Oh the things we do for family . . . . :-) I'm not a wave maker either, so I can completely relate.

    1. Yep! They drive you nuts but if they need help we'd be there in a heartbeat!