Friday, July 11, 2014

I Like Bricks!

In 2003 we built a brick patio in front of our house.  We really like bricks.

It is still serving us well!  The fountain was our 25th Wedding Anniversary present to ourselves in 2005.

The bricks I'm using in the back yard border are inexpensive and made of cement.  Much heavier than these "real" bricks in the front patio.

We built working shutters (vs. useless decorative ones) after Hurricane Charley in 2004. We were very lucky - we had nary a scratch on the house from that storm.

We built the shutters when Hurricane Ivan was headed into the Gulf.  Charley scared the life out of us. These shutters are fantastic! Just unhook them from the house, close them, and voila! We have metal shutters for the rest of the windows which are small enough that I can install them by myself.

I'm amazed the little brick walkway to the big patio has survived all these years. We used up most of the little pieces of brick from the cuts we made - you can see all the little bits of brick on the left. They haven't budged an inch!  I love bricks!

Before I took this picture you could barely see the patio it was so full of weeds. Ugh.  I wish I had taken a picture of the weeds so you could have seen how horrible it was before my two night weeding spree.

Hubby worked hard getting the cabinets finished and bolted into the wall today. We have a few more things to do tomorrow then the countertop gets reinstalled with the help of a friend on Sunday!  YAY!  The plumber is scheduled for Monday at 8:30. Boy have I got some cleaning to do once I get my counter and sink back!  Dust EVERYWHERE!

After hubby's long day working on the kitchen, and after my weeding and sweeping, we sat out front and watched the full moon rise. It was lovely to sit out there again.


  1. I love, love, love your brick patio ~ and a glimpse of your home :-)

    1. Thanks Eli! We've gotten a lot of complimentary comments by "walkers by" over the years!