Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Final Update on the Kitchen!

I worked all last weekend cleaning the dust from the cabinets, inside and out. First we had to make sure the dishwasher didn't leak.  Check.  Then I did some pretty serious dishwashing.  Glasses/plates in the dishwasher and pots and pans by hand.  I took the opportunity to weed out some glassware we never use.

Thank goodness we put a tarp up between our dining room and kitchen.  Every single cabinet had to be emptied and cleaned.  15 cabinets in all, not including the 3 base cabinets hubby rebuilt.  The only thing in the kitchen that didn't get dusty were the cookie sheets and cooling racks which I had shoved into the oven when we emptied out that base cabinet, for lack of anywhere else to put them really. Oh, and the 4 drawers (silverware and utensils) - those had been placed in our spare bedroom with the door closed the whole time so those were good to slide back in too.  Phew!

We finally got a settlement check in the mail from the insurance company.  We ended up with $3100 and change! WOWZA!  We were some shocked.  We expected about $500 after the deductible.  We weren't figuring in the labor and tear out that they included in the damages.  Their total came to $5600.

I added up what we've spent so far, not including the flooring and a few odds and ends still needed, and it's just under $1,000, which includes the plumbing bill.  I am so happy we were able to do the job ourselves.

The tricky bit was that the check was made payable to us AND the bank which holds our mortgage/escrow.  When we went to the bank to see about getting them to endorse the check, the young girl said we'd need to provide photographic evidence that the repairs had been done, give them the receipts for our expenses and they would write us a check for what we spent and they would keep the difference.  Er...excuse me?  We just about jumped down her throat!  What gives the bank the right to keep the balance?  We pay the premiums not the bank. Seriously? The young lady could see that we were a wee bit agitated! She decided she should probably check with the branch manager.  Ya think?

She came back and said all we needed to do was bring in photos of the repairs and the receipts - the repairs to the plumbing had to be done by a licensed plumber - and they would endorse the check.

So I made all the copies and photos they needed and they signed the check today.

Case closed!


  1. I think I would have had a melt down when that girl told me that the bank would keep the balance. LOL - So glad everything is done and that you were pleasantly surprised with your settlement check. Now, time to get back out in the garden. :-)

  2. We buy the flooring this week and will be doing the dining/kitchen area too (since we have the extra funds - hooray!) so lots of furniture moving and packing of the china cabinet, bookcase and other needless junk lying around! Fun fun. Not much gardening in the near future since it's too hot anyway.