Thursday, July 3, 2014

Best Friends and Disasters

My best friend invited us to dinner last night.  It was a much needed break from what we've been dealing with.

The sink base cabinet worked out fine so he'll go ahead and build the other two. That is such a relief.  It will cost us a few hundred instead of a few thousand.  We estimate that the insurance claim will only pay out $500, if that, due to our deductible.  Lesson learned - don't bother with insurance, just get the job done. We were delayed 3 days getting the soaking wet floor out of there!

I had an idea this morning about what to use to "waterproof" the cabinets against a future water disaster.  My son sprayed some sort of "rubberized paint" on his car's wheels.  It is amazing stuff.  It can be peeled off but not without quite a bit of effort.  So it really "sticks".  I think it would be perfect to spray on the bottom and inside of the newly built cabinets!

Here's the reason we won't be reusing, even temporarily, the damaged cabinets:

Oh My Word!  Disgusting!

Here's the disaster that is our kitchen:

The stove is in the fridge hole and the dishwasher in front of that.  The big metal thing is the infernal dehumidifier and then there are two of those blue fans.  That's the sink base in progress, and the hole in the wall.  Because the company who brought the dehumidifier and fans hasn't come back or given us a clue as to when they'll be back, we decided to let the hole in the wall dry out as much as possible before we fix it since the leak wrecked the wall as much as the cabinets and floor.

The funny paint job made us laugh though.  We had forgotten about that!  We painted the kitchen a light green, but it looked awful once we got the cabinets and countertops installed, so we repainted it the darker green - post installation.

I'd really like to go back to bed and have it all magically repaired when I wake up. But I guess I'll go to work and leave hubby to the disaster in the kitchen.


  1. My word . . . I see a lot of "take-out" in your near future.

    1. Yep. 9 days in now. But the dehumidifier is out! Yay!