Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Knockout Rose

I read this article here about a variety of rose called "Knockout Rose" and I happened across a few of them at Lowe's.  It was love at first sight.

I'm one of those silly people who doesn't like to use a cart.  I was going in to buy the Chamomile seeds (which I should have bought the last time I was there), see what was on the discounted plant shelf, and head home.  I had 6 packets of seeds in my hand (I know, I'm a seedaholic), and two pots of plants (butterfly weed and lantana), so I had my hands full.  I SHOULD have gone to get a cart so I could buy one of the Knockout Rose bushes, but I'm an idiot.

[Side note - I have never grown a butterfly bush.  I really don't know why!]

Naturally, I regretted not buying a Knockout rose bush and thought about it for two days. Last night I went back to get one - $9.99.

Bad Picture of a Knockout Rose

I took a picture right when I got back in the truck and emailed it to my shopaholic best friend who has the opposite problem I do.  She buys things, regrets it, and takes them back to the store.  Ha!  We are an excellent shopping duo!

If you love roses, how could you not want one of these in your yard?  It's not terribly thorny.  It doesn't grow just a few long stemmed blooms.  Rather, it will spread into a showy bush (if I can keep it alive), like so:

Knockout rose
Stock Photo
Seriously lovely.  Not red, not pink.  Just right (to my eye).  I'm in love.

The tag shows up to zone 9 so I'm being cautiously optimistic.   If I can find a spot where the summer blazing sun gets shaded later in the day, but full sun in the winter I might be able to keep it alive.  It will be a good $10 experiment!

Lowe's had the thorny long stemmed bloom version a while ago discounted to $3.  I should have gotten a few just because of the awesome price.  But they really bring back bad memories. In high school, my horticulture class toured the local rose greenhouse.  It was awful.  I hated those darn thorny things.  All the workers had terrible scars on their arms and hands.  Nope.  The thorny roses are not for me.

Now, if only I could find some able bodied person to help me get a ton of free mulch for the side yard and square foot garden box projects.  More on my square foot garden project later...


  1. I have 5 rose bushes and only one is a Knockout . . . and it's the only one that doesn't give me ANY trouble. It's really carefree and beautiful. Excellent choice!

    1. I'm thrilled to hear that. Yay! Your seeds went out yesterday in case I forgot to mention that!

  2. I have one knock out rose, red, still have it in a pot, a large pot, as I haven't decided where I want to put it in the gardens.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

    1. I've moved mine twice since I brought it home. Can't decide where to put it either!