Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Challenge of Growing Vegetables in Zone 10

Growing vegetables in Southwest Florida through the summer months is definitely a challenge.  And to make matters worse, I have terrible soil so I've really got to work hard to build a good base for my plants.  I've managed to fix the soil in one section of the yard and I'm finding worms wherever I dig.  That right there is a miracle, folks!

Here's a good link at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange on What to grow through the summer here in Florida.  I've purchased quite a few seeds from SESE.  I learned about Southern Peas from this post and purchased Pinkeye Purple Hull and Piggott Pea varieties.

There's not much to harvest in my garden right now for vegetables.  Here's our second (and last) Seminole Pumpkin, er squash, whatever it is.

Sniff sniff.  The bull seems to like it.  Hopefully our other vine will produce some fruits!

Last summer I had excellent success with Moringa, Black Eyed Peas, Southern Peas, Shepherds Needle, Amaranth, and Jicama.  Okay, I was just seeing if you were paying attention - the Shepards needle is a "weed" but edible. In fact, I use it in my green smoothies in combination with moringa and amaranth.

This summer I have the usual suspects, plus a few additions: Pigeon peas, Sunchoke (from Grower Jim), Cassava (from David the Good), Roselle, Eggplant, Papaya and Okra.  I've never eaten eggplant in my life.  I love okra in soups, hubby hates it.

The fruit trees I planted last summer (Lychee, Loquat, Meyer lemon, Cavendish banana, Jaboticaba and Grumichama) are all doing fairly well except two - the loquat died and the Grumichama was poorly but it is hanging in there.

Meanwhile, I'll keep working at fixing the soil in the yard.  Inch by mosquito infested inch.  Mulch, mulch, mulch!!!!!!

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